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The Breed

About the Breed
What the breed was for
Capt. Graham and the resuscitation of the breed
Coat colour
Blue colour
Black and tan
Temperament and behaviour
Hunting instinct
Working ability
Breed books
Breed Clubs and Magazine (U.K.)

Breed Standard
The IWC Breed Standard
Capt. Graham's comments on the breed
Points of the wolfhound
The Greyhound and Deerhound

Breed History
The early days in Ireland
The story of Gelert
An early pedigree
Captain Graham & resuscitation of breed
Other people involved in breed recovery
Care and feeding in early days
Exercise and kennelling in late 19th/early 20th C
Wolfhound in early dog books/publications
Reports on the Breed from the Kennel Gazette
starting in 1890

History of the U.K. breed clubs
Regimental Mascots:-
Irish Guards (1902 to present day)
—––The Irish Wolfhound and the Irish Guards
—––Seán's Story
—––Fionn's Story
—––Malachy's Story
Royal Irish Rangers
London Irish Rifles
Royal Munster Fusiliers
Irish Volunteers
6th Inniskilling Dragoons
South African Irish Regiment
West Kent Regiment
69th New York Regiment (Fighting 69th)
Royal Foot Guards (France)
The Great War, 1914-1918
KC Registrations during the Great War
A tug at the heartstrings, the story of Bally Shannon
The major Kennels
Early shows 1859 to 1914, including judge's reports
Report on the Ranelagh Show, 1899 from
Country Life

Second World War & later
Baltimore Sun Magazine, February 15 1959

The Irish Wolfhound and Coursing
The planned first coursing meeting
The Association's coursing meeting
The Amesbury coursing meeting
The Irish Wolfhound Coursing Club
Mock coursing
Irish Wolfhound hunting in other countries

Getting an Irish Wolfhound
Choice between a puppy and an older hound
Bringing home your puppy
Bringing home your adult hound
Basic training
Behavioural problems

Keeping an Irish Wolfhound
Building and maintaining health

Losing an Irish Wolfhound

General Care

Diet and Nutrition

The Irish Wolfhound in short stories

The Irish Wolfhound in pictures

The Irish Wolfhound in films

Wolfhound pictures in books & wolfhound sculptures

Wolfhound pictures on cards

The Irish Wolfhound in advertisements

Some of our Rescue hounds

About me

Home Page


Health Index
Bone disorders:
—Hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD)
—Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
—Elbow dysplasia
—Polyarthritis (Joint Ill)

—Hip dysplasia (HD)
—Cervical spondylopathy (Wobblers syndrome)
—Spinal problems
Cancer and cancer treatment
Gastric dilatation/volvulus (bloat/gastric torsion)
Heart disease (cardiomyopathy)
Heart research updates, including Taurine Project
Heart research update for 2006, plus regional testing
Homeopathic remedies for heart disease
The immune system
—Puppy Strangles (Juvenile Cellulitis)
—Toxic Shock Syndrome
Liver shunt (portosystemic shunt)
Thyroid disorders
Laryngeal Paralysis
Lung worm
Heart worm
Virus rhinitis
Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)
VonWillebrands Disease (VWD)
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), including 2001 update

Geopathic stress

Natural Flea Treatment

The Importance of Full Spectrum Light


Keeping your dogs safe from toxins and other dangers

Treatment for ingested sharp objects

Alternative Therapies:
Homeopathic remedies for heart disease
Flower Essences
Energy Therapies
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT™)
Quantum Touch
Some information on:
Bio-energy Therapy
Bowen Technique
Colour Therapy
Perelandra MBP
Tellington TTouch

Alternative Treatment for:
—virus rhinitis
—polyarthritis (joint ill)
—skin disorders
—canine cognitive dysfunction

Communicating with your hound

Links to other Wolfhound and Sighthound Sites

O'Hooligan cartoons

Each Dreadful Scene - Moppet taking part in a BBC programme

'Every Dog Has His Day' - articles I wrote for The Windhound magazine

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