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Little Dog's World: Tippey, the terrier, has to keep up with giant Irish wolfhounds 

Little Dog's Life

It can be fun - when your best friends are four giants  
Squeeze Play: Trouble with wolfhounds,
Tippey says, is they get you cornered 
 Life, for a little dog, can be tough. Tall humans stumble over you, and then there are all those big dogs.
Tippey, the little mixed terrier you see here, wound up like many a small dog before, in the pound. But for a little dog Tippey had big luck - John Scheiner, a dog trainer, needed a small dog to go on TV with his four giant Irish wolfhounds, to show off the wolfhounds' size. Tippey got the job.
When Tippey met her four new friends she thought they were big, but they thought Tippey was great. Now they're inseparable pals - always together except at mealtimes. Tippey doesn't like people looking over her shoulder when she eats. So she growls - and the wolfhounds are afraid to eat.
Tippey's new life has some tight corners (see above) but also has advantages. It's nice to have your own self-propelled umbrella (see below). - P.M.S
 In the rain
Coverage: The advantage of having friends in high places -
there's always room underneath 
 This Week Magazine, February 15, 1959
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