Energy Therapies

What are energy therapies? To understand that, you really need to understand that everything in the world is made up of energy. This has been proven by quantum physics - when the atom was split it was found to be made up of particles of energy that are constantly vibrating. The speed of vibration of the energy determines how solid any given thing appears. Our bodies are made up of energy that is vibrating quite slowly, because to us they appear quite solid, but a rock is made up of energy that is vibrating much more slowly because it appears extremely solid. A filmy material is made up of energy that is vibrating quite fast, so it appears light and floating.

What holds the energy in place so that it forms the appearance we see? Rupert Sheldrake refers to an area of intelligence around each form which he calls morphogenic (or morphic) fields. In humans, animals, and plants - all living beings, in fact -this is what we refer to as the spirit or soul; the intelligence that is moulding the energy into shape. With man-made articles such as a table or piece of clothing, it is the intention of the person making the article (or who made the machine making the article) that forms the morphogenic field that holds the energy in that particular form.

Around our bodies and permeating them (and around every other thing, including the rock) there is more energy that is vibrating at a much higher rate so that most of us cannot see it, but it can be picked up by Kirlian photography. This is known as the etheric body. Aura photographs will pick up another layer of energy that is vibrating even more rapidly. There are more layers of energy beyond that that are vibrating even faster and stretch out into infinity. As Einstein said: energy is all there is.

Anyone who works with energy finds that it is palpable; it can be gathered up and taken hold of as though it was some kind of filmy material. Filmy and light it may be but it is possible to take hold of a person's energy from, say, thirty yards away, and draw that person across the room towards you. Or gather energy into a large ball and push a person along with it. There is at least one Chinese practitioner who uses this ability to take hold of energy as a form of martial arts, in which he is able to take hold of and twist the energy field of a person rushing at him with intent to attack and throw that person to the ground at a distance. He also uses it as a healing therapy, which is known as Bu qi.

Strictly, though (since energy is all there is), every therapy is energy therapy and this includes drugs and surgery. Cancer specialist Bernie Siegel (Love, Medicine & Miracles and Living, Loving & Healing) says that people who can look on chemotherapy as beneficial energy do not suffer adverse side effects from it. BodyTalk (mentioned on the Alternative Health page) can be used to programme a person's body into accepting drugs as beneficial to it, so that there are no adverse side effects. The same can be done with things that the person is allergic or sensitive to. [BodyTalk is also used for animal treatment]. There are other energy therapies such as TAT (see Links) that can also be used to deal with allergies.

All physical disorders start first in our energy system, beginning in the emotional or mental bodies, moving down into the etheric (which is the subtle body closest to and permeating the physical body) and then appearing on the physical level as symptoms of mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease. And this is so with animals as well, not just with humans. Feeling around the energy system can disclose areas that feel thickened or sticky, areas where there seems to be little or no movement in the energy flow, areas where there are bulges or dips in the energy field, areas where there seems to be a difference in temperature (such as heat or coolness), and so on. Therapies that work in this way include Bio Energy Therapy (Energy Field Therapy, Bu qi), Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch, all of which work in similar ways to find such areas, remove blockages, rebalance the energy, and get the energy flowing freely.

Another manifestation of an energy problem is brought about by our body's reaction to stress. The human body was programmed to react to stress from a survival point of view (stress being a sabre-toothed tiger wanting its dinner or another tribe wanting your cave, or something similar) by moving the person into the more dominant side of the brain so that complete focus could be made on either fighting or running away. The problem is that we are nowadays constantly under low-level stress and our bodies are still reacting to all of it as though it were life-threatening. This means that we can get completely stuck in the dominant side of the brain. Our energy field is then drawn to that side of the body and away from the opposite side of the body.

This means that over time our energy field gets completely out of balance, with most of the energy being on one side, which makes that side weaker and softer, and the other side contracted and stiffer. Problems will mostly start on the contracted side, with perhaps arthritis occurring in that hip or knee, and problems with that shoulder first before possibly occurring in the other side as well. There can also be problems with physical balance, with falling being most likely towards the side with most of the energy. Other physical problems can be the pelvis being pulled out of alignment and shortening of one of the legs. The difference in length of the legs can be up to two inches or more. The shoulder on the high energy side may be higher than the other and these differences can pull the spine out of alignment and cause twisting of the body with back pain and problems with joints. If the spine and pelvis are realigned by chiropractic or osteopathy, they will pull back out again over quite a short period because the energy has not been realigned. Alphabiotics is the therapy specifically geared towards getting a person balanced in both sides of the brain and therefore energetically aligned, but Bio Energy Therapy and other energy therapies such as EFT™, and Quantum Touch can also work towards this same outcome. It seems very likely that this imbalance in the energy system is the cause of what is known as psychological reversal (described on the EFT page) and possibly switching, both of which can prevent EFT or any other therapy working and can also lead to a person creating total chaos in their life.

Quite often it can easily be seen when a person is out of alignment in this way by looking at them head-on, because they will have one shoulder noticeably higher than the other. Have them lie down on a work table and put their feet together and it can be seen that one leg will be shorter than the other. They may have noticed this as a discomfort when walking, and even walk with a limp. They may think that the short leg is due to their having been confined to bed for a long period during an illness as a child. They can also be tested for energy imbalance with kinesiology by having them hold out both arms at shoulder height in front of them and parallel to each other. You then press down on both wrists at the same time and using the same pressure on each. One will usually remain strong (the contracted side) while the other will test weak (the high energy side).

A further twist on this can be that the energy system may be pulled over not just to one side but more to the front or back as well. If the energy is mostly to the back, it is likely to cause the spine to bend forward with disorders such as dowager's hump, or Pagets Disease, which causes softening of the bones so that they bend, or even just the tendency to bend forward that is seen so often in old age. The pelvis and internal organs may be tilted forward as well. When tested kinesiologically as described above, both arms will probably test strong and, if further testing is attempted, it will be found impossible to get a no (i.e. weak) response to any question. If the energy is mostly to the front, it will lead to problems mainly with the spine (e.g. spondylosis, crumbling of the spine with osteoporosis, or disc disease), although it can also lead to the pelvis and internal organs tilting backwards. When tested kinesiologically as described above, both arms will probably test weak, although one may still be weaker than the other because the energy is also more to one side than the other. And it may be impossible to get a strong response with any kinesiological testing.

When the energy field is out of balance to any marked degree, there are not only likely to be physical manifestations of disease but there will be emotional problems as well, and it is also likely that there will be resistance to healing. This is more than simply negating chiropractic adjustments but can include negating other therapies as well.

Animals can also have their energy system out of balance in a similar way and this will lead to obvious imbalances in their physical body. A very out-of-balance horse, for example, could have one shoulder higher than the other, one hip higher than the other (it is often the shoulder and hip on opposite sides, as the energy crosses over in the dorsal region), and even one eye and one nostril markedly higher than the other. It is less noticeable in dogs because of the smaller size but it can also happen in them and in other animals.

There is a great deal of information on these pages geared towards our finding ways of healing ourselves, because our companion animals are usually attempting to get us to do just that. They are often mirroring aspects of ourselves that we have not been able to deal with - often aspects we have not even seen in ourselves - or, by their own illnesses and disorders, leading us towards finding therapies to help them which can then be used to help us to heal. So many of us will pay anything, do anything, go anywhere in order to help our sick animal companions but would not bother to do anything at all about our own problems.

Thus, animals are likely to become ill for reasons other than those usually involved with humans (i.e. emotional stuff) as companion animals are usually trying to show their humans areas that the humans need to look at. This may be along the lines of poor diet, too much use of damaging chemicals, vaccines, and so on, or it may be somewhat more complicated and pointing the humans towards areas in themselves that need healing. For example, a dog may develop an illness following the death of a companion to show its person that the person, too, needs to heal issues to do with grief. Or a dog may become aggressive in order to show its person ways in which the person is treating either themselves or others. A very insecure dog may be mirroring its person's feeling of helplessness and fear. Mirroring is usually much stronger than the feeling within the person, because otherwise the connection may not be made. Because of this, it is often helpful when treating an animal by using EFT™ (explained later) to treat your own issues around the animal as well as, or even instead of, what appears to be the problem with the animal itself. This is so much the case with any other energy therapy - the person needs to heal themself as well as healing the animal because animals are constantly picking up on the energy of those around them.

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Some energy therapies work on the subtle bodies. Therapeutic Touch and Bio-energy therapy (also known as Energy Field Therapy or Bu qi) are two such and can be used to clear blockages from the energy system and to permit the energy to flow smoothly. Healing Touch is another such therapy. Radionics can access the subtle bodies as well as working on the physical body, all from a distance by sending out vibrations of remedies of various kinds, or crystals or other therapies on a level that can access whatever level of the patient's energy system is needing to be treated.

Therapies such as Reiki or other similar forms of healing work on the level of the subtle bodies and access the physical body via the etheric. Quantum Touch works by the accessing of Source energy in a similar way to Reiki but which utilises breathing techniques to more sharply focus the energy being directed into the patient. This healing system can even move bones into proper alignment. Click here for more details on Quantum Touch. These energy therapies can all be done at a distance as well as hands on.

Therapies such as acupuncture or acupressure work on the energy system of the physical body itself, known as the meridian system. This is a system of lines of energy running through various parts of the body, each being linked to an organ and part of a physical system. For example, the Large Intestine meridian starts at the index finger (or first toe on the foreleg of an animal), runs up the arm/foreleg and side of neck, over the jaw and ends at the corner of the nose.

All but two of the meridians are on both sides of the body and are also paired with another meridian. The two that are different run up the centre of the body; one along the front midline (the Conception Vessel) and one along the spine (the Governing Vessel). Along the length of each meridian are points known as acupuncture points or acupoints, which are spots where the energy line comes close to the surface of the skin. These points can be picked up by electrical equipment but they can also be felt by some people by touch as a difference in the temperature of the skin. These acupoints are where acupuncture needles are inserted and where pressure is applied by finger or thumb during acupressure.

Some of the acupoints are also utilised for meridian therapies such as TFT™ and EFT™, which is based on it. Both use tapping with the fingers on certain points.

TFT™ was the brainchild of Dr. Roger Callahan, and EFT™ of Gary Craig, who went on a TFT™ course and decided that there must be a simpler way to get results. That simpler way was EFT™ (or Emotional Freedom Technique) and it has since been modified and changed and added to by various practitioners. It is an ever-changing, ever-growing therapy that can have miraculous results on a wide range of disorders from phobias to backache. Gary Craig suggests that it should be tried on everything, and many people are doing just that and getting real breakthroughs.

Gary Craig retired in November 2009. He was most unusual, to my mind, in that he was happy for changes to be made to "his" therapy. He did not feel the need to guard it and prevent anyone from altering it; quite the opposite. He was not only constantly finding new ways himself of doing EFT™, but also delighted in hearing about (and putting out to the world) new ways other people have found of using it. Because I find this such a great therapy, both for humans and animals, I have given detailed instructions on how to do it - Click here to go to that section.

There are a number of web sites with more information on EFT™ and related therapies (see the Links below). When he retired Gary Craig entrusted the archives of EFT to the EFT Universe website (owned and maintained by Energy Psychology Press). The large database of EFT case histories can be found on this website. Energy Psychology Press has also published Gary Craig's EFT Manual, (which can be found on Amazon) and there are a number of tutorials available on the EFT Universe website, as well as free videos. Also available is a free Get Started package that gives all the basics. There are also details on Certification and Training, where to find a practitioner and much more.

There are several books that have been written about EFT™, some of which are listed below. Some useful sites for using EFT for animals, apart from my page at eft.htm are:- which is Silvia Hartmann's site on Animal EFT. which is Gwyneth Moss's page about using EFT on companion animals. which is the EFT Spain. Animal Energy World 'Tapping With Animals' web page.

Another excellent therapy based on TFT™ is ESM (Emotional Self Management), which utilises several techniques for balancing the energy and polarity, together with specific protocols for emotions such as anger and shame, and for some physical conditions. These protocols involve tapping on acupoints in a similar way to EFT™, except that the sequence of points is different for each protocol.

ESM was founded by Peter Lambrou and George Pratt, who have written an excellent book describing how to self manage your emotions (see Book List). They also have a website (see Links) at which members can access updates and additions to this therapy. Membership is achieved by buying the book.

There is already a host of other meridian or energy therapies available, with more coming along all the time. Some of these are:-

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - Roger Callahan - provides a code to nature's healing system.

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) - Larry P. Nims - highly focused energy therapy for eliminating negative emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems embedded in the subconscious mind and "locked" together by specific energy circuits.

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) - Tapas Fleming - this therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and allows information and energy to be processed by the body-mind system.

Thought Energy Synchronization Therapies - Dr. Gregory J. Nicosia - utilises the body's magnetic polarity and meridians through which the "subtle" bioenergy flows to interact with our thoughts and associated emotions.

Matrix Work - Nahoma Asha Clinton - transpersonal energy psychotherapy that treats difficult issues.

Healing Dimensions (Holographic Memory Resolution) - resolving trauma in body, mind and spirit.

Whole Hearted Healing - Grant McFetridge - details of how to do this self-help therapy are given on-line (see Links)

Holographic Repatterning - a process that makes it possible for us to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation.

Getting Thru Techniques - Philip and Jane Mountrose - provide a profound way to connect with the truth of who you are. Help to release blockages.

Touch and Breathe© (TAB) - John H. Diepold, Jnr. - a way of utilising holding an acupoint while taking a full breath cycle, which can be used instead of tapping while doing EFT™, but is also a therapy on its own. (See Links)



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