Irish Wolfhound Cards

Small girl in red, with hound   On the card from which this picture is taken, it is described as:
Little Red Riding Hood
By Charles Spencelayh
but, in fact, the original painting is entitled "Danger Ahead"
and is of the artist's son, Vernon, aged 3, and their
pet Irish wolfhound, Staffa.

Sir Michael of Sheppey, a pastel drawing by Cecil Aldin.
Sir Michael of Sheppey was the first wolfhound owned by Florence Nagle (Sulhamstead) and was originally registered as Manin Michael.
 Sir Michael of Sheppey

 Irish wolfhound postcard Postcard published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd., London & Scarborough. The painting is by Minnie Keene, sister of the landscape artist Ezra 'Elmer' Keene. They were born in Osberton near Worksop in Nottinghamshire in the mid-1800s. Their parents were Stephen Keene, a miller from Melksham in Wiltshire, and his wife Elizabeth whose family came from Ireland. Minnie specialised in pastels of animals. Some of her work was issued by the distinguished Leicester textile company Wolsey.
This particular painting was also published as a birthday card, which came out in 1918, but the postcard is undated.

 Two hounds on hilltop On the Alert by Colin Graham 

An interior scene with hounds 
Christmas at Mount Vernon
George and Martha Washington prepare for the holiday, 1815 

Picture signed "SUSIE 96"   Christmas card

Reconciliation by Cecil Aldin   Reconciliation
by Cecil Aldin

 Wishful Thinking
by Mick Cawston
Cards for Countrymen
Sally Mitchell Cards Limited
 Wishful Thinking by Mick Cawston

Highland Sentinel by Robert J. May   Highland Sentinels
Detail from original painting by
Robert J. May
KB Fine Art Cards

From a watercolour by
Anita Jeram
TWO BAD MICE, Cheeseborough
 Kitten by Anita Jeram

Irish wolfhound head   Irish Wolfhound
Reproduced from an original watercolour by
Christine Groves SFP
Tel: 01202 894791

That's Mine!   That's Mine! by Gill Griffin
 Horse & Hounds Horse and Hounds by Gill Griffin
 Mother and Daughter Mother & Daughter by Gill Griffin
 Phantom  Phantom by Gill Griffin

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