More Irish Wolfhound Cards

by Susan Harper   From original oil paintings
by Susan Harper
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 by Susan Harper

 Postcard from the First World War
- The cupboard was bare!
 The cupboard was bare

Irish Guards card  Card depicting the Irish Guards and mascot on parade

Sharing a bone 
 Pushing its luck? Card from the Medici Society Ltd. in the Ken Lilly Series

 Postcard showing Irish Wolfhound on Scooter  Irish Wolfhound on scooter

Wolfhound wearing helmet   Imperial War Museum postcard

One of the EPOL range of dog cards. EPOL is an animal feed company in South Africa.
On the back of the card it reads:
"THE IRISH WOLFHOUND A quiet dignified animal and a loyal companion. The coat is rough and hard, its head long with powerful jaws. It has small ears, a racy body and a long tail. Its height should be at least 61cm and its weight 54 kilos."
 Epol card

Irish wolfhound harnessed to cart 
 Postcard (c. 1950) showing Calo of Shamrock Calo dog food was based in East Oakland, California
 The card reads "This Irish Wolfhound is a member of the largest breed of dog ever to walk this earth. They have been recorded in history since the year 500 AD and have served mankind as battle dogs, wolf hunters supreme (with speeds up to 30 miles per hour), and of course draft animals of great strength and intelligence. "CALO of Shamrock" is 35 inches in height and weighs 150 pounds. The alert canine riders in the front seat are "Crepes Suzette", a poodle, and "Zorina", a Toy Turkish Greyhound. A diet of nutritious CALO DOG FOOD keeps these famous show dogs healthy and eager for public service at all times."

1928 postcard 
Postcard dating from 1928 

 picture by Janet Johnstone
 Scraperboard pictures by Janet Johnstone, printed as cards in 1972
 Headstudy by Janet Johnstone

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