More Irish Wolfhound Cards

Valentines Postcard 
 A postcard in the 'Valentine's Series' (1920-36)

 Postcard for Beddgelert
 Postcard by J. Salmon Ltd.

 Dr. Ballard's Pet Food card
 A card in the Dr. Ballard's Pet Foods series (1949)
(Dr. Ballard's Pet Foods are located in Canada)
on the back of the card it reads:
The tallest dog of all, the Irish Wolfhound is a strong, speedy breed with more than 2,000 years of recorded history behind him. When the Romans brought wolfhounds to Italy from Ireland and used them in the fighting arena, it was said that "all Rome viewed them with wonder."
By nature mild and peaceful, the Wolfhound can be a ferocious hunter-fighter when the occasion demands. This fleet, wire-haired, shaggy-haired fellow can overtake marauders (like a timber wolf), seize them by the neck and shake them to death.
Height: 32". Weight: 105 pounds. Group: Hound

 John Sinclair card
 A card in the Champion Dogs series (1938)
Issued by John Sinclair Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne
on the back of the card it reads:
Sire: Ch. Killarney of Ouborough; Dam: Einagh of Ouborough; Born May, 1936
Believed to be originally the hunting dogs of the ancient Irish Kings, and there is a story which tells of an Irish King exchanging with another monarch 200 warriors for one Irish Wolfhound. The standard of points for the Wolfhound lays down that it should not be as heavy or massive as the Great Dane but more so than the Deerhound.
Ch. Moran is 36 inches high, and weighs 150 pounds, and is by disposition very kind and gentle.
Owned and bred by: James V. Rank, Esq., Ouborough, Godstone, Surrey

Ch. Artara   Chairman cigarettes card
 Ogden's Tab Cigarettes C series, No. 164
Mrs. L. Williams' Irish Wolfhound "Artara",
1st and special, Kennel Club's 46th Exhibition,
 Chairman Cigarettes card No. 12 (1920s)
Irish Wolfhound
A big, strong-looking animal with head and
neck carried high. The head is long, and the
neck well-arched. Straight legs and a long
tail and moderately large feet. Covered
with a rough and hard coat.
Colours, grey, brindle, red, black, pure
white, fawn, etc.
Height from 28 in. to 31 in.
Wgt. from 90 lbs. to 120 lbs.

Carreras Ltd. card   Empire Shopping card
 Dogs & Friend, No. 50 (1936)
A series of 50 described by Lady Kitty Ritson
The Irish Wolfhound is not strictly of Irish origin,
neither is it a pure breed, the original breed
having died out. The present dogs are the
result of a cross between the Scottish deerhound
and the great dane. Size is greatly desired by
breeders, and there is no doubt that soundness
has thereby been largely sacrificed. They are
handsome dogs, but they seem to need a large
house, open fireplaces and parks as a suitable
CARRERAS LTD., Arcadia Works, London
A series of 12
Wolves vanished from Ireland at the beginning
of the 18th century, but the Irish Wolfhound, used
by the kings and chieftains of ancient Ireland for
exterminating the wolves, though now smaller in
type than in those days, is still amongst the
handsomest and strongest of British breeds. In
shape and appearance the Irish Wolfhound of
to-day is almost identical with the Scottish
Foodstuffs, etc., exported from the Irish Free State

Harp and hounds 
 Walton's Irish "Bardic" Harp and Irish Wolfhounds bred at Walton's Tolka Valley Kennels
Two of the most romantic symbols that stand out dearly thro the dim mists of Irish History are
the Irish Harp and the Irish Wolf Hound. The Harp was one of the symbols of our cultural
heritage, perpetuated to this day in the famous Walton Irish Harps. The Wolfhound, the gentle
protective friend of the Kings, Chieftains and Warriors of Ireland, whose noble characteristics
are still carefully fostered thro the selective breeding by the Tolka Valley Kennels, Ashtown
Lodge, Castleknock, Co. Dublin
Postcard printed in Ireland by Mount Salus Press Ltd.

Let's be friends 
 Valentine's Postcard (1920-36)

Universal postcard 
 Postcard in the Universal Series 210, No. 2 (Printed in Bavaria)
DERMOT ASTHORE was bred by Mrs. G. Williams, by Mr. Trainor's Brian II -
Capt. Graham's Nookoo, whelped March 22, 1896

   Sweetacres card
   Card from the Sweetacres (Australia, 1932)
Champion Chewing Gum
series - No. 23
A big dog, height about 36 ins.
A rough coated, powerful
dog; great companion in cold,
rough country. Colors -
fawn, brindled, red and black

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