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A huge list of Irish Wolfhound sites of all kinds around the world on the Really Irish Wolfhounds website
Irish Wolfhound Archives - full of wonderful breed memorabilia

Owners & Breeders

Irish Wolfhound Connection Irène Schmid-Vogt's Irish Wolfhound Connection website in Switzerland The Wild Frontier Irish Wolfhound site of Seija Keranen, Finland Pernille Monberg's Wolfhouse site in Denmark Bettina Isen's Kellyhide Irish Wolfhounds in Denmark Susan Mc Ilquham F. Sandalgaard's Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds & Scottish Terriers in Denmark Marian Temple's Heartsong Irish Wolfhounds in California Lesa Newbitt's website for her Bereton Irish Wolfhounds The site of Bill & Deborah Drescher and the Hounds of Heaven Helen and Jonathan Cullum's Rohan Irish Wolfhound site The Torteval Irish Wolfhounds of Anne and Paul Vaudin in Guernsey The Gartlove Irish Wolfhounds of James and Ann Macaulay, Scotland The Gulliagh Irish Wolfhounds of Timothy, Marion, and Ian Finney in Ireland Chris & Julie Amoo's Sadé Afghan Hounds & Irish Wolfhounds Nicky & Chuck Warwick's Cairnstorm Irish Wolfhounds & Black & Tan Terriers in Devon Jens Hogsänder's Kennel Keltair in Sweden Sonny Essing's Kennel Casonidas, Sweden Per Lundström's Kennel Greirish in Sweden Marlene Tiusanen's Kennel Iri Wolf in Sandviken Daniela Iori & Marcello Poli's site on their Irish Wolfhounds & Tchiorny Terriers The Tholen Irish Wolfhound site Steven u. Madeleine König's Irish Wolfhounds vom Königsgut Brigitte Lins' site on her Irish Wolfhounds "von den Erzminen" Mr. & Mrs. Kuhless' vom Alpetal Irish Wolfhounds in Germany
Outer Limits Dagmar Dierick's Outer Limit's Irish Wolfhounds in Germany
Xaliburs Irish Wolfhounds Xalibur's Irish Wolfhounds Bribiba Irish Wolfhounds in Scotland Jean Timmins' Cornovi (was Gulgamech) Irish wolfhound site Marcella Grassi's Araberara Irish wolfhound site in Italy The site for Dr. Dick and Lynne Rosebrock's Carroy Irish Wolfhounds in California Rainer Sticht's Tir na Nog Irish wolfhound & Border Terrier site in Eden, N.Y. Magiel and Wilma Marijnissen's Oet Kepèl kennel in Holland Konstanze Somerhausen's "Of Our Valley" Irish wolfhound kennel in Brussels The website of the Polish Irish wolfhounds Data Base Edita Dobrovolna's Really Irish Wolfhound site in the Czech Republic Ian and Laurie Rutherford's Heathview Irish Wolfhounds in Canada Sid Wood's Arahu Irish Wolfhounds in Canada Bill and Carolyn Avoglia's Irish Wolfhound site Riana du Plessis' du Ross Irish Wolfhounds website in South Africa Scott Kerr's Bainbridge Irish Wolfhound site

Clubs and Societies Irish Wolfhound Club of Great Britain Irish Wolfhound Society of Great Britain Irish Wolfhound Club of Scotland Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland
Irish Wolfhound Society of Ireland
Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc. Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association The Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club Irish Wolfhound Association of the Greater Smoky Mountains Irish Wolfhound Association of New England Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State Irish Wolfhound Association of The Mid-South Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast Irish Wolfhound Club of Puget Sound South Central Irish Wolfhound Club Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association
Desert IWC The Desert Irish Wolfhound Association (DIWA) (Arizona) Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada
IW Club of Victoria Irish Wolfhound Club of Victoria, Australia Irish Wolfhound Clubs of New South Wales and South Australia Irish Wolfhound Club of Gauteng (South Africa) The Irish Wolfhound & Scottish Deerhound Association of France (R.A.L.I.E) Irish Wolfhound Club of Belgium (IWCB) Irish Wolfhound Club of the Netherlands Irish Wolfhound Club e. V. - Germany Irish Wolfhound Club of Denmark Irish Wolfhound Club of Finland Irish Wolfhound Club of Norway Irish Wolfhound Club of Sweden Irish Wolfhound Club of Switzerland A site for the Irish Wolfhound in Russia Wolfhound & Deerhound Club of the Czech Republic Irish Wolfhound Club of Slovenia Federation of European Irish Wolfhound Clubs (EIWC)

Other Sighthound Sites

Danish sighthound club Danish Sighthound Club Slovak Sighthound Club
slovenian club for sighthounds Slovenian Club for Sighthounds
Breesfalt Deerhounds Lesley Hogan's Breesfalt Deerhounds site
Ardneish Deerhounds Betina Adams' Ardneish Deerhounds site

Rescue Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust (U.K.) National Rescue Directory (for Irish Wolfhounds in the U.S.A.) Rescue in Southern California The Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association Rescue page The Irish Wolfhound Association of New England Rescue page!rescue/c1vud Irish Wolfhound Association of the Mid-South Rescue page Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust

Lure Coursing, Shows & Other Events

iwsoi Irish Wolfhound Society of Ireland Lure Coursing page Irish Wolfhound Lure Coursing (IW Association of the Delaware Valley) British Sighthound Field Association page on lure coursing European Irish Wolfhound Rally

Magazines, Shops, Art The Irish Wolfhound International Magazine site The site for IW World, the Official Publication of the E.I.W.C. The Irish Wolfhound Foundation Gift Shop M.J. Lessard's fine quality hand stitched leather Sighthound collars, leashes, etc.
sculpturesofdogs Caroline Sheppard's site on the Goldswift Sighthounds sculptures of dogs
DogArt Dagmar Dierick's Dog Art page for ceramics of wolfhounds, etc. Colleen Ellis' site - Fine Art Pastels by Colleen, helping wolfhounds in need
IWPix Photography by Mary O'Malley: Irish Wolfhound Pictures
Skatwinengraving Skatwin Engraving in Co. Mayo, Ireland

Health & Research

Irish Wolfhound Health Group The Irish Wolfhound Health Group website
IWC The Irish Wolfhound Club (UK) health page
Irish Wolfhound Foundation The Irish Wolfhound Foundation - Research, Education and Rescue The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare page on Portosystemic Shunt in Irish wolfhounds
canine cancer The Canine Cancer page on Osteosarcoma The Modiano Lab: Genetics of Canine Osteosarcoma in Large and Giant Breed Dogs The Purdue University Bloat Study
aadvark The Aardvark Pest Management page on how to deal with dog pests such as ticks, flies, lice, etc. Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees (available only to breeders and by subscription) The Wolfcreek Ranch page on Holistic Animal Health

Forums The Breedia Irish Wolfhound Forum Irish Wolfhound Forum in Germany
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