The Felixstowe Kennels (From 1921)

Some of the names given to the Felixstowe hounds were so closely linked in spelling that it can be difficult finding out which hound is which, especially as the early Kennel Club records were often inaccurate, with one name being used in the Kennel Gazette registration details and another in the owner's details or show records. A case in point is Felixstowe Killcao (or Killcoo), a bitch, born on February 3rd, 1921, by F. Dhulart out of Jess of Midlothian. F. Bridget was born on November 27th, 1921, by F. Conbec out of Lindley Bess, but she was registered only as "Bridget", although the name was then listed in show results and pedigrees as F. Bridget. Although she was not registered by Mr. Everett, he mentions her in 1926 as being in his kennels and being in whelp. F. Kilcullen, a dog, was born on June 13th, 1922, by Pedlar of Sulhamstead (later registered as Sulhamstead Pedlar) out of F. Slane. There was also a F. Kilcully registered.

Felixstowe Killcoo   Felixstowe Bridget
Felixstowe Killcao  Felixstowe Bridget
 Felixstowe Kilcullen as a youngster  Fexlistowe Kilcullen
Felixstowe Kilcullen as a youngster  Felixstowe Kilcullen as a mature hound

In 1922 Felixstowe Kilshane was born, by F. Conbec (Baddesley Marquis ex Baddesley Sheelah) ex F. Creeshe. Kilshane was the sire of such famous hounds as Ch. Lady of Raikeshill, Ch. Clodagh of Ouborough, and Ch. Defiance of Grevel.

 Felixstowe Kilshane
 Felixstowe Kilshane

Felixstowe Kilbarron was born September 14th, 1924, by F. Kilbarry out of F. Kilbirnie.

 Felixstowe Kilbarron  Felixstowe Kilbarron

This advertisement was taken in the Club Year Book in 1926:


F. Kilbirnie had a litter to F. Kilbarry on March 2nd, 1926, in which was E.T. Clark's F. Kilbagie, BOS at the Irish Wolfhound Club show in 1927. She gained her championship the same year. She was later exported to the U.S.A., to the Halcyon Kennels, being registered with the AKC in March, 1928.

 Felixstowe Kilbagie
 Ch. Felixstowe Kilbagie

Felixstowe Killone was born January 8th, 1926, by F.Kildysart ex F. Bridget. F. Graine was born December 15th, 1926, by F. Kilshane out of Crewkerne Germaine.

Felixstowe Killone  Felixstowe Graine 
 Felixstowe Killone  Felixstowe Graine, aged 8 yrs. 4 mths.

Felixstowe Kilfree was born February 13th, 1927, bred by Mr. T. Bolton (Steyning) by Cromac out of Broadbridge Brenda. She later went to the Halcyon Kennels in America, where she became known as Felixstowe Kilfree Halcyon. She was said to stand 35 inches to the shoulder.

 Felixstowe Kilfree  Felixstowe Kilfree Halcyon
 Felixstowe Kilfree  Felixstowe Kilfree Halcyon
Felixstowe Kilfree head   Head of Felixstowe Kilfree

In an Our Dogs supplement on December 14th, 1928, there appeared a full page advertisement for the Felixstowe hounds, which included photographs of F. Kilfree and one of F. Killagh, born February 1927, by F. Kilconly ex F. Colleen. Both these bitches were offered for sale - Kilfree at 250 guineas [£11,260.38 equivalent in 2007] and Killagh at 150 guineas [£7,060.60 equivalent in 2007]. The full advert can be seen here.

 Felixstowe Killagh  Felixstowe Killagh

There were also pictures of the kennels at Felixstowe:

One of the adult kennels 
 One of the adult kennels
 Show hounds Isolation kennel
 The show hounds' isolation kennel

Felixstowe Kilcully came to Felixstowe in 1929, bred by Capt. Hudson, by F. Kilmorac out of Sheelagh of Brabyns, and born September 12th, 1929.

Felixstowe Kilcully   Felixstowe Kilcully

Quite a number of hounds went from the Felixstowe Kennels to America. These included F. Kilkie, born December 25 1910, by F. Gweebarra ex F. Gara, AKC registered 1911 by Michael Creighton; F. Princess Ooona, born July 28 1914, by Jinn ex Cynethrith and bred by H. Pemberton, AKC registered 1916 by Mrs. P.J. Courtney; F. Kilconly, born July 15, 1923, by F. Kilshane ex F. Kilbirnie, AKC registered August 1927 by Mrs. Norwood B. Smith, Cragwood Kennels; F. Kilcavan, born May 3, 1921, by F. Dhulart ex Lindley Bess, AKC registered July, 1924 by Nathalie M. Wilson; F. Wolfe Tone, born August 27, 1923 by Comberford Mick ex Caragh, and bred by Mrs. Lockwood, AKC registered December 1924 by Chas. Daly; F. Kilgarth, born December 6, 1926, by F. Kilshane ex Jilldon and bred by C.E. Donnelly, AKC registered September 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Clark; F. Kilmichael, born February 7 1927, by F. Kilconly ex F. Colleen, AKC registered March 1929 by Halcyon Kennels; F. Kilcash, born October 14, 1927, by Bournstream Simba ex Iduna of Hindhead, AKC registered June, 1930 by Mrs. Grant Small; F. Kilsaran, born November 23, 1927 by Cromac ex Broadbridge Brenda, and bred by T. Bolton, AKC registered July, 1929 by Geo. G. Moore; F. Patricia, born March 6, 1928 by Patrick of Ifold ex Lady Clodagh, and bred by Montagu Scott, AKC registered June 1930 by Mrs. Grant Small; and F. Kilmorac Halcyon, (sometimes shown as F. Kilmoragh) born April 20, 1928 by F. Killone ex Iduna of Hindhead, AKC registered December 1929 by Halcyon Kennels. Kilmorac did a huge amount of winning in the States (he became an International Champion) but sadly was poisoned at a show in Tuxedo Park, from which he died:

Felixstowe Kilmorac Halcyon   F. Kilmorac Halcyon

Also, F. Kilbrew, born September 26, 1929, by F. Kilmorac ex F. Kilcrea, AKC registered July 1931 by Mrs. Norwood B. Smith, Cragwood Kennels.

In 1931 an Our Dogs advertisement carried pictures of Ch. F. Killary and F. Muldoon, which were both listed at stud along with F. Kilcully. Muldoon is said to be 36 inches to the shoulder. He was by F. Kilbarron out of F. Killola and was born February 6th, 1929. Killary was by F. Killone out of Iduna of Hindhead and was born April 20th, 1928.

Felixstowe Killary   Felixstowe Muldoon
 Ch. Felixstowe Killary  Felixstowe Muldoon

F. Kilgara came to Felixstowe in 1931. She was bred by Mrs. Trousdale, by Lindley Sinner out of Kitty of Lynstone and was born on February 6th, 1931.

Felixstowe Kilgara   Felixstowe Kilgara

The last litter bred at Felixstowe was in October, 1937.

Over the years Isaac Everett wrote many articles for the Irish Wolfhound Club Year Books and was, not surprisingly, looked on as a fount of wisdom on the breed and its care. It therefore seems somewhat strange that the most Phyllis Hudson could find to say about him as an obituary in the Year Book of 1938-54 was "Mr. Everett's name is part of Irish Wolfhound history and is credited by many as having saved the breed from extinction after its numbers were so reduced during the 1914-18 war. His two famous hounds, Champion Felixstowe Kilgerran and Felixstowe Kilbarry, will be found on most pedigrees today." Isaac Everett had died on January 3rd, 1952, after fifty-eight years in the breed.

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