The Sanctuary Kennels from 1970 to 1975

In 1970 Sanctuary Monica won her third CC at Birmingham City Show, gaining her Championship. She also won the Brood Bitch Cup. Margaret Harrison was still on the Irish Wolfhound Club Committee, and she judged at Birmingham National.

In February 1970 Margaret and May registered a litter by Ch. Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Monica, whelped December 30th, 1969. This included six dogs (Connaire Mor, Cullan, Dylon, Finnigan, Niam, and Siddington Shaun) and two bitches (Ethne, and Grainne). Sanctuary Dylon was going to do a lot of winning for the kennel. Thelbern O'Malley was transferred from Mrs. C.M. Maidment but later transferred to Mrs. Saunders.

Sanctuary Dylon 

In March there were registered two dogs (Sanctuary Brendan, and Declaw) and two bitches (Sanctuary Bridhe and Caitlin), bred by Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland Peck, by Ch. Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Fintragh, wh. January 18th, 1970. In May there were three dogs (Sanctuary Baron, Hakon, and Rory Dhu) and one bitch (Sanctuary Loreen) registered, by Ch. Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Granua, wh. April 2nd, 1970. Also four bitches (Sanctuary Magda, Red Sheevaun, Rotha, and Sheenagh), bred by Mrs. M. Saunders, by Ch. Knight of Kerry ex Brid of Ballytobin, wh. January 15th, 1970.

Then nothing until November with the registration of four dogs (Sanctuary Gay Knight, Kelly of Killanne, Mura, and Nessah) and two bitches (Sanctuary Milly and Queen Maud) from a repeat of the Knight of Kerry/Brid of Ballytobin breeding, wh. September 8th, 1970. In December there was the registration of two bitches (Sanctuary Donagh, and Monagh), bred by Mr. W.D. Cleveland Peck, by Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Roisin, wh. October 28th, 1970.

A 1970 advertisement showed this photograph:-

Sanctuary Stately Saragh with her son Sanctuary Knight of Kerry

In 1971 Sanctuary Dylon won the Type Cup Dog, but there were no CC wins.

May Atfield with Sanctuary Dylon at 9 months

In February, 1971 there was a registration of a litter by Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Granua, wh. December 5th, 1970, with four bitches (Sanctuary Arranisle, Asthoreen, Casbah, and Shuala) and three dogs (Finnimacool, Flanagan O'Toole, and The Gentle Knight). Also two bitches (Sanctuary Iduna and Kirkeen) and two dogs (Sanctuary Kevin and Monarch), bred by Mrs. E.M. Kemp, by Rossut Domnick of Edeyrn ex Sanctuary Tara, wh. December 18th, 1970. In April another bitch from this litter - Sanctuary Tamar - was registered.

May Atfield with Ch. Sanctuary Knight of Kerry 

In June there was the transfer of Sanctuary Connaire Mor to The Commanding Officer of The Royal Irish Rangers, which had been formed in 1968. Connaire Mor was by Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Monica, wh. December 30th, 1969.


In August 1971 there was the registration of Sanctuary Margaret Maud and Sanctuary Revog, by Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Hecla, wh. August 22nd 1971. These two were going to do a great deal of winning and make a major mark on the breed.

Sanctuary Revog at a year old  Sanctuary Margaret Maud at a year old 

In 1972 Sanctuary Dylon won the Typical Head Challenge Cup, and then at Birmingham National, where he won the CC and Best of Breed, he won the Baily Booth Strohmenger Cup, the Ifold Loving Cup and the St. Loes Cup.

Sanctuary Dylon 

In 1972 Margaret and May registered Graceful Lady of Sanctuary, by Solo of Delorne ex Song of Amnesty, wh. May 13th 1971 and bred by Mr. Goodman. In April there was the transfer of Hot Pants of Duncara from Mrs. J.R. Green, and in June the registration of two dogs (Christie of Sanctuary, and Sotheby of Sanctuary) and two bitches (Aspray of Sanctuary and Tessiers of Sanctuary), wh. April 4th 1972, by Thelbern O'Malley ex Eileen of Sunningdale, bred by Mrs. M. Saunders. There was also the transfer of Roundtower Siobhan from Mrs. J.E.A. Sommer.

May judged the Irish Wolfhound Club Championship Show in 1972:-

May Atfield judging the IWC Show/LKA with Mrs. Nagle and BoB Ch. Sulhamstead Modena
and Tom Fidler handling BOS Ch. Sulhamstead Magnum
The IWC/LKA 1972 with Judge May Atfield and Mrs. Nagle with Sulhamstead Motley

In 1973 Sanctuary Margaret Maud won the Non Champion Cup Bitch at Crufts, and Sanctuary Revog won the Lady Gardner Challenge Beaker at WELKS and the Graham Shield at the Irish Wolfhound Club Show, where he won his first CC and BoB. May judged at Birmingham.

In April 1973 Margaret and May registered two bitches (Alycia of Sanctuary, and Emer of Sanctuary) and a dog (Arran of Sanctuary), bred by Mr. & Mrs. R. Hollis, wh. February 25th, by Thelbern O'Malley ex Graceful Lady of Sanctuary. Also a homebred litter of four dogs (Sanctuary Cashin, Colum, Drishaune, and Sir Harry) and five bitches (Sanctuary Fair Erin, Irene, Katie May, Maida, and Mona) by Jason of Sunningdale ex Roundtower Siobhan, wh. March 4th, 1973. In August there was listed the transfer of Massetts Morag from Mr. R.W.M.Gover. She was by Sanctuary Treanknight of Clanoc ex Rathmolyon Tiree, wh. January 13th, 1973

Sanctuary Sir Harry and Sanctuary Mona at six months  Massetts Morag at six months 

In 1974 Revog won the Shandon Challenge Cup Best Hound at Blackpool, and the Knightellingdon Cup Dog at Richmond. Sanctuary Mona won the Sulhamstead Challenge Cup Best Junior at Windsor and the Sulhamstead Cup Best Junior at Peterborough, while Massetts Morag won the Ch. Clodagh Cup at the Irish Wolfhound Club Show. Revog won the CC and Best of Breed at Leeds, Blackpool, Birmingham, and Richmond, gaining his Championship at Blackpool. Mona won the CC at Peterborough. This was the year in which Margaret Harrison judged at Crufts.

Sanctuary Revog and Sanctuary Margaret Maud
Ch. Sanctuary Revog

January, 1974 saw the registration of Culanny of Sanctuary, and Macushla of Sanctuary, two bitches by Sanctuary Revog ex Graceful Lady of Sanctuary, wh. October 12th, 1973 and bred by Mr. R. Hollis. In February three dogs (Abu of Sanctuary, Bold Knight of Sanctuary, and Leaderd of Sanctuary) and four bitches (Chani of Sanctuary, Dawn of Sanctuary, Rita of Sanctuary, and Tessa of Sanctuary), wh. January 2nd, 1974, by Sanctuary Revog ex Mankoya of Erindale and bred by Mrs. D. Payne. In March was the transfer of Royden Blanche, Bridgett and Bridie from Mr. & Mrs. Hollis. They were from the October 12th, 1973 Revog/Graceful Lady litter.

(l to r) Sanctuary Dylon, Margaret Maud, Monica, Mandy, and Hecla

In July was the registration of Fearghal of Sanctuary, a dog bred by Mrs. C. Bingham by Ch. Revog ex Roundtower Mavourneen, wh. April 25th, 1974. In October a homebred litter of five bitches (Sanctuary Aileen, Clarissa, Merry Moyna, Peg O'My Heart, and Queen Maeve) and four dogs (Sanctuary Finzelbach, Kinsale, Mighty Monarch, and Young David), wh. August 7th, by Sulhamstead Woodside Finn ex Sanctuary Margaret Maud. Young David was exported to the Netherlands.

Mr. M.J. Bowen and Sanctuary Young David winning at a show

In 1975 the only Trophy won was the Sulhamstead Trophy at the IW Club Open Show, which was won by Sanctuary Mighty Monarch.

Sanctuary Mighty Monarch Mighty Monarch with his dam Sanctuary Margaret Maud

Ch. Revog won the CC at Bath and the CC and Best of Breed at Richmond, while Sanctuary Mona won the CC at East of England and the CC and Best of Breed at Leicester City. This made her a Champion. Mona was from the March 4th, 1973 litter. Margaret judged at Three Counties.

Sanctuary Mona 

In February, 1975 were registered two more bitches from the Revog/Graceful Lady litter of October 12th, 1973 - Sanctuary Killarny and Macushla. March saw the registration of four dogs - Sanctuary Charlie Boy, George, Self-Heal, and So-Big, by Ch. Revog ex Massetts Morag, wh. March 5th, 1975. Also the transfer of Royden Bernadette from Mr. & Mrs. R. Hollis. December saw the registration of three dogs (Sanctuary Finbar, Lugard, and Rebel Boy) and two bitches (Sanctuary Sweetbriar, and Sweet Erin), by Royden Jasper ex Sanctuary Mona, wh. November 7th, 1975.

Sanctuary Margaret Maud, Ch. Sanctuary Revog, and
Ch. Sanctuary Mona off at a gallop 
Ch. Sanctuary Mona 

Margaret gave piano lessons over the years, and her grand piano was frequently in use.

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