The Bournstream Kennels

Mrs. Beynon with Patrick of Ifold 
 Mrs. Beynon with Patrick of Ifold

The above picture was used by Phyllis Gardner in her "Irish Wolfhound Portraits" and was captioned: "By Wyke Mark Dan O'Hagarty ex Deirdre of Ifold. Born St. Patrick's Day 1923. Bred by Montagu Scott. Owned by Mrs. Beynon. Was stuffed when he died, for the Belfast Museum. One of the most beautiful and typical dogs in the breed, with a lovely disposition. His progeny are now the chief representatives of the direct male line from Ch. O'Leary."

Ch. Patrick of Ifold 
 Ch. Patrick of Ifold

In June, 1927 Col. Durand registered Bournstream Dolly, s Patrick of Ifold, d Jilldon; bred by Mr. C.E. Donnelly; born August 20, 1925.

In September, 1927 Cragwood Darragh was transferred back from Lady Sholto Douglas to Lt.-Col. Durand and Ina of Ifold transferred from Mr. R. Montagu Scott to Mrs. Beynon. That same month Iduna of Hindhead was transferred from Lt.-Col. Durand to Mr. I.W. Everett and Doreena of Ifold to Major M. Johnstone.

In October, 1927 two more hounds were transferred to Col. Durand - Bournstream Runa and Stella, bred by Mrs. Crisp, by Patrick of Ifold ex Lady Clodagh and born March 5, 1926. In November, 1927 Kathleen of Ifold was transferred from Bournstream to Major E. Moyes. In December that year, Mrs. Beynon took on Bournstream Dandy (by Patrick of Ifold ex Felixstowe Ballyneety, born July 29, 1925) and Bournstream Peggy (bred by Mr. W. Congdon, by Cragwood Darragh ex Carol of Westervale, born June 17, 1927).

During 1927 Col. Durand won CCs with Patrick of Ifold (KC 65th Show and the Metropolitan & Essex Show) and with Drum Darken (Scottish KC), plus the Kennel Club Challenge Cup, the Baily Booth Strohmenger Bowl, the Ch. Clodagh Cup and the Irish Guards Challenge Shield. At this time there were nine championship shows with CCs for the breed.

During 1928-29 Mrs. Beynon registered Bournstream Bella (bred by Mr. Everett, by Felixstowe Kildysart ex Felixstowe Bridget, born January 8th, 1926); Bournstream Bridget (littersister to Peggy); Bournstream Kitty (bred by Mr. & Mrs. Crisp, by Veryan of Westervale ex Brenda, born December 20th, 1927); Bournstream Sarah (bred by Miss Moore, by Bournstream Simba ex Ina of Ifold, born October 28th, 1927); Bournstream Sheilah (littersister to Kitty); Bournstream Timothy (litterbrother to Sarah); and several others which were then sold on.

In the 1928-29 Irish Wolfhound Club Year Book, the address of both Mrs. Beynon and Col. Durand is given as in Broadoak, Sutton-at-Hone, Kent and an advertisement in the book is entitled Mrs. Beynon's Irish Wolfhounds, with no mention of the Colonel. The Colonel is listed as a judge for the first time.

In 1928 Patrick of Ifold was the only CC winner, with one CC, and the only cup won was the Bitch Type Cup - exhibitor Col. Durand.

In 1929 only one hound was registered - Bournstream Moya, bred by Ralph Montagu Scott, by Patrick of Ifold ex Angelina of Ifold, born June 21, 1925 - and another was bought in - Gwydir Lucinda whose name was changed to Bournstream Lorna. She was later exported. Bournstream Runa and Stella were transferred from Col. Durand to Mrs. Beynon

From 1929, Col. Durand ceased to be mentioned as part of the Bournstream Kennels. An advertisement in the Our Dogs Supplement on December 6th, 1929 was headed Mrs. Beynon and her Irish Wolfhounds at "Broadoak", Sutton-at-Hone, Kent and read:-
"The subject of this notice has been a lover of horses and dogs all her life. In the former she has ridden and exhibited some of the finest hunters. Her Grey Fox, which was bred in Kenya Colony and brought over by his mistress, has taken prizes at Kenya and several prizes at Olympia, in addition to playing in many important polo matches in Kenya and England.

Bournstream Michael 
 Michael, the tallest dog in the world,
with his mistress

"It is some 30 years ago since Mrs. Beynon took up the breeding of her favourites, and she has fixed ideas of what is required of the Irish Wolfhound, having kept them and hunted with them in India, Africa (Kenya), and other countries. It has always been her wish to see the breed improve, and she is always keen on soundness plus substance and size, and, if possible, a reasonable all-round quality, rather than putting one minor point, such as eyebrows, beard, or whiskers, before all else, her idea being that if the Irish Wolfhound cannot kill a wolf he is not worthy of being given extreme honours, and this much-travelled lady has had many experiences of the worth of her dogs, both in England and abroad. On one occasion when crossing a field, she was attacked by an angry bull, but her dog stopped and held the bull till she was safe, then quietly joined her mistress, none the worse. On another occasion one of her favourites knocked down and held a burglar that had broken into the house, without in any way hurting him. Then, whilst living in the wilds of Kenya, they were her constant companions, and on many occasions they turned away lions and leopards. Mrs. Beynon relates a splendid encounter she witnessed between two of her hounds (one now with only three legs, having lost one in one of its many later encounters). Father and son fought and defeated a huge wart hog - which she describes as the most wonderful fight she had ever seen; so quick - flash! flash! - till poor piggie was all torn to bits. They were all fighting for their lives. Their natural attack is the coming in to and going out of their prey so quick, not holding on like a Bulldog. That is why she contends they require tremendous power, size, and substance, and to be well-balanced to fit them for their job of killing any large wild beast if it is required of them. Yet, in spite of his vocation, there is no kinder or more docile dog, if brought up as they are at Broadoak, than the Irish Wolfhound, which is also very fond of children.
"All the dogs at Broadoak live ideal lives, under the most favourable conditions, and I can assure my readers that my visit was, even to me, a bit of an eye-opener.

Ch. Patrick of Ifold 
 Head study of Ch. Patrick of Ifold
(the father of Michael)

"Ch. Patrick of Ifold is well known. Not only is he a big winner, but a sire of winners, including Michael, which is considered the tallest dog in the world, a fact that pleases his mistress very much. Many tempting offers have been refused for Michael, but he is destined to remain in his present quarters.

Bournstream Boru 
 Boru with his kennelmaid

"Boru, a black-and-tan, is another sound dog of excellent quality, type, and substance, with great power, is wonderfully balanced, extra legs and feet. His ears, legs, feet, coat, and dark eyes should go a long way to stamp out some of these defects we see nowadays.

Bournstream Bella 
 Bournstream Bella

"Ina of Ifold is a beautiful, sound quality, well-balanced bitch. Bournstream Bella is also a big, sound, active bitch, as her photo shows. There are other brood bitches, and a lovely brace of home-bred ones, only waiting for maturity, when I have not the least doubt they will cause a mild sensation on their appearance on the show bench.

Mrs. Beynon and a group of hounds 
 A group in the garden

"Bournstream Moya, a sister of Ina and Michael, is a lovely bitch, with perfect legs and feet, also the whisker, etc., all complete. She has never yet been shown, and when she is will take a lot of beating.
In conclusion, I am sure any and all lovers of the Irish Wolfhound will receive a warm welcome from the charming mistress of Broadoak, who is, I might add, a real lover of this old and noble hound.

In 1930 sixteen hounds were bought in and registered as Bournstreams and eight transferred to other people, three being exported. Also bought in were six other hounds, already registered by their breeders, whose names were then changed to Bournstream. Bournstream Moya won two CCs - at Manchester and Belfast.

In the Dog World Annual of 1930, the following piece on Mrs. Beynon and her winning Irish Wolfhounds appeared:-

Mrs. Beynon and hounds 
 Mrs. Beynon and (left to right) Bournstream Lucifer, Sandy, Ch. Patrick of Ifold, Carmie, Miera, Rudolf (for sale) and Moya

It was a glorious day in late October when I went to see the Bournstream Kennels; the gardens were a mass of roses and Michaelmas daisies, and all the dogs were running loose and thoroughly enjoying their liberty. It is no wonder all Mrs. Beynon's dogs are so sound and score in fronts; they have unlimited exercising ground and are not shut up in kennels, and wherever Mrs. Beynon goes they go, too. I enjoyed a walk round the spacious grounds accompanied by a host of Irish Wolfhounds, all such nice, kind, friendly dogs, and absolutely devoted to their mistress. Mrs. Beynon has kept the breed for over thirty years, and is a very good judge; and soundness and good legs and feet she must have; no cowhocks are allowed amongst the Bournstreams.
"Champion Patrick of Ifold, although he is seven years old, still retains his marvellous head; he is a tremendously big hound with a magnificent coat, and moves as well as ever. I found a number of well-grown and promising youngsters, particularly three, aged 18 months, by Cu-Chulainn Copper. The first was Bournstream Miera, a beautiful silver-grey with tremendous bone, a lovely head, and extra good coat. She stands well and has strong hindquarters, and she moves just like a terrier. She was best in show at the Woolwich Canine Society's Members' Show. Her brother, Lucifer, has a very fine and typical head; he also is a sound, free mover, and will make his debut at Crufts or the L.K.A. The third member of the family is Bournstream Jesmond, already the winner of the Green Star at Ballinasloe under Dr. May, the secretary of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland. Jesmond, too, scores well in head, front, and coat, and is a fine mover.
"Amongst the bitches I must mention Bournstream Moya, the winner at Dublin, Belfast, and Manchester. She is well on her way to becoming an International champion, as she had won three Green Stars and two Challenge Certificates. She is five years old, and is a beautifully firm bitch with a gorgeous head. Another fine bitch is Marcelle of Westervale; she is a winner at the L.K.A. and Crufts, and at Exeter took the Wolfhound Club medal for best junior bitch. She scores in body and has fine ears and is of beautiful type - a grand, upstanding bitch. She was whelped on December 24, 1927, and this year has not been shown, as she had a family. Mrs. Beynon wishes to sell Marcelle, and whoever gets her gets a treasure. Another for disposal is Bournstream Rudolph; he is a wheaten dog, now two years old and was purchased as an outcross. He is one of Mrs. Barr's breeding and has sired some beautiful puppies. He scores in coat, bone, and front, and is unshown, but is house-trained and a great pet and absolutely devoted to children.
"I also saw two six-months puppies by Cu-Chulainn Copper, a dog which gets tremendous coats. The youngsters were enormous for their age, very massive, with good heads, and just the correct expression and grand movers, and are certain to make winners.
"Mrs. Beynon has some dog puppies for disposal, and whoever buys a Bournstream dog is getting one that comes from healthy, winning and well-trained stock. Mrs. Beynon is always pleased to help anyone or to give advice on the breed she has known and loved so long.

Michael with Pekinese 
 Bournstream Michael with his pal, the Pekinese Sirdar

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